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havocthecat ([personal profile] havocthecat) wrote in [community profile] chicago 2009-04-17 12:59 am (UTC)

1. Yay, Loop! I would suggest a restaurant or a coffee house, in case there are any under-21s who would like to attend. There are, conveniently, LOTS of restaurants found in the Loop. And I can cab pretty much anywhere in the Loop from Union Station.

2. Pace is EEEEEVIL. Not really. I like them. But their routes are circuitous and confusing to me. But I do agree that Saturday in the day or the night works best for me. Because Metra/Not Driving From The Suburbs is totally my Chicago-area OTP. Oh my God, I am such a geek, help me, please.

3. I am, um, very outgoing. VERY. Hopefully this is not an off-putting thing. But if I start to freak you out, it is TOTALLY OKAY to tell me to back off and give you some space. I promise that I am not offended by that sort of thing in the least. I can aim my babble at someone else, or, failing that, pull out a notebook and work on fic. :)

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