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Open Beta Party/Meet UP

Does anyone want to get together for the Open Beta? We can't let San Francisco and NYC have all the fun.

Friday or Saturday, someplace easily CTA accessable?
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1. Yay, Loop! I would suggest a restaurant or a coffee house, in case there are any under-21s who would like to attend. There are, conveniently, LOTS of restaurants found in the Loop. And I can cab pretty much anywhere in the Loop from Union Station.

2. Pace is EEEEEVIL. Not really. I like them. But their routes are circuitous and confusing to me. But I do agree that Saturday in the day or the night works best for me. Because Metra/Not Driving From The Suburbs is totally my Chicago-area OTP. Oh my God, I am such a geek, help me, please.

3. I am, um, very outgoing. VERY. Hopefully this is not an off-putting thing. But if I start to freak you out, it is TOTALLY OKAY to tell me to back off and give you some space. I promise that I am not offended by that sort of thing in the least. I can aim my babble at someone else, or, failing that, pull out a notebook and work on fic. :)
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I actually like Pace quite a bit, except for the thing about their buses not running as late in my area as they really should. During the week the last bus leaves Midway at 8pm. That is WAY too early.

I have no problem with outgoing people, as long as they understand that a person being quiet does not necessarily mean they aren't enjoying themselves. Depending on how well I know people, I can be very, very talkative myself. Or I could be sitting just outside the circle so it looks like I'm not really involved, but still be having a great time.