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norabombay ([personal profile] norabombay) wrote in [community profile] chicago2009-04-16 01:50 pm

Open Beta Party/Meet UP

Does anyone want to get together for the Open Beta? We can't let San Francisco and NYC have all the fun.

Friday or Saturday, someplace easily CTA accessable?
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Is there a possibility for someplace easily accessible via Metra as well? IOW, in the Loop. Because I don't really want to drive in if I can find a babysitter!

*is lame and nitpicky*
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I haven't actually lived in the city for six years or so now. I kind of miss it. But I don't miss the springtime asthma attacks. So, y'know, fair tradeoff there.

I think there's some kind of a food courtish thing at Watertower Place? I can't remember the name. *Googles* Foodlife! Which is pretty good, IIRC, and, also, the site of the first Bronze party, for those who are in Buffy fandom from back in the day. Or the Ghirardelli's store is right by Borders on Michigan. Um. Here.

Thank goodness for Google.

Anyway, neither are entirely Loopish, but they're certainly accessible via El and bus.